I've made many flags during my time online. Some for historical scenarios, some just for laughs, but all of them for a reason. Presented here is a (mostly) complete list of all my flags. As I make more they'll be added here, though there's bound to be plenty on my drives that I've missed. Update 12020/10/03: Added some recently made philosophical/belief system flags, all the joke flags, and all of my first flags.

N.B: As my site's format is already a bit cumbersome for hosting flags, I've decided to preserve their original colors. Click on the images to be linked to their full-size versions.

Table of Contents

1. Original Content Flags

2. Religious and Philosophical Flags

3. Joke Flags

4. The First Flags *shudders*

Original Content Flags

Rohendian Flag

This is the flag of the fictional nation of Rohendia, my personal pet project since 2016. Rohendia's history, culture, and even location has varied over the years as I myself have changed; to reflect this, I created a new Rohendian flag (and so I can stop using the old one, which was stolen from an althist wikia page). In-universe, this was adopted in 2012, marking the end of the government overhaul. The orange, blue, and white emerge from the original flag, itself derived from the Prince's Flag, but were assigned new meanings of industry, the Pacific ocean, and peace respectively. Also added to the flag is Green, representing environmentalism. I was inspired by the flag of South Africa when redesigning this.


Flag for an Islamic California. This was originally created as a joke flag to put on r/vex, but I think it looks rather nice and it actually has some historical/legendary basis. It is a slight reference to California's namesake, Queen Calaifa, who originated in a story as the warrior queen of a female black nation that sides with Muslims in a battle at Constantinople. The name "Califa" is probably derived from the Arabic "Khalifa", the basis for the English word Caliph.

Florida-Georgia Union

A composite of the flag of Florida and the flag of Georgia, the two US-states I have spent most of my life in. I use this as a personal flag and actually have it printed off, lying in my room somewhere. Call me crazy, but I've always taken a liking to the seal of Georgia being incorporated into the flag (so long as the words are taken off).

"Capitol" - Louisiana Redesign

I created this flag as an entry for one of r/vex's contests: this one was to redesign US state flags that formerly consisted of "seal on colored background". I based this design off of the Louisiana State Capitol building, the largest of its kind in the 'states and rather distinctive in sihlouette form.

"Mayflower" - Maſſachuſſetts Redesign

This was another entry to the above contest to redesign US "seal on colored background" flags. I decided to harken to the Mayflower's Voyage, which concluded in Plymouth Rock and acts as a starting narrative for most US-American's views of their nation's history. The colors are representative of Massachussetts - I don't recall exactly what they mean but I'd say gold for commerce, blue for the Atlantic, and white for sovereignty.

Psychoanalysis - Freudian

These two flags were also entries to a r/vex contest. Both flags spot a (slightly communist looking) broken psi (Ψ) representing the field of psychology; the psi divides the mind into the id (crimson), ego (gold), and superego (cyan), with the ego residing in the conscious mind, the id in the unconscious, and the superego in both. Freud's psychoanalysis proposes that the unconscious mind is the driver of human behavior, and that our "rationalising self" - our ego - is rather a passenger on the bus driven by our primal urges and moral conceptions (the id and ego respectively).

Psychoanalysis - Jungian

The Jungian version differs from the Freudian version by the addition of a bar at the bottom, stemming from the psi. This bar represents the collective unconscious, which Jung proposed in opposition to the entirely id-and-superego-driven unconsious of Freud. On a tangent, I really like Jung's theories. They add a sort of "mysticism" to the field. I find his methods very much to my liking in the study of religion, and see them as much more cross-cultural than Freud's largely western (and overtly male) theories. Even the theory of the collective unconscious is reminiscent of similar ideals in Vajrayana Buddhism, Theosophy, and Sufism.

Templo Mayor

A flag I created for a übermassive Aztec Empire in a now largely dead althist timeline, the Holy American Empire. I wanted to give the impression of an individual approaching the grand city of Tenochtitɬan, seeing the Templo Mayor in the distance. The yellow hill represents maize and prosperity, the red hill represents the blood shed to maintain order in the ephemeral Aztec world, and the green represents fertility the wide tracks of Aztec land. The water represents Lake Texcoco.

"Latin" America

I made this flag after failing to form Rome and have it colonise the Americas in EU4 multiple times. It's a heavily Roman-inspired yet obviously US-American flag. The symbolism of the colors and bars is the same as that of the regular US flag, with the added wreath representing the superiority of the Senate and of the Grand Emperor of America. Considering how much the Founding Fathers fanboyed over the Roman Republic, this may not be too far removed from what could've happened to the USA. Also the number of stars is not important; that's just how many I could fit on there and have it look nice.


This flag, much like the nation itself, is heavily inspired by the Vatican - but with a dark twist. Behold the Glorious Theocracy of Lsær, headed by a vampire queen dark council of oligarchs, situated on an otherwise barren island in the desolate South Pacific. The nation acts as the seat of the Violetist religion, a fictional faith based on esoteric thought, mysticism, eastern and western alchemy, promoting some rather unorthodox rituals.


Politzania, red, white and green!

Politzania, reigning supreme!

Victors in war,

Champions of peace,

Unto e-ter-nity! (Everybody now!)

Balugata - Hallowed Edition

I made this flag for my old NationStates region, Balugata, to use during the spooky month. I've since departed from that region and have taken my precious Rohendia and Lsær with me (although they still exist in their roleplay to my knowledge). I didn't make the original friend, that's courtesy of a lad named Parazael. I do not know what the other sources of this flag are or how copyright safe they are, so this may get taken down if Mr. CEO of Randomimagesofconfucianwritingsandlovecraftiansigils Incorporated files a class-action lawsuit against my pathetic flag.

North Rohendia

This flag is for the small island of North Rohendia, which declared independence from mainland in the 1890s and has since remained an independent autarkic luddite farming community (though not without assault from the Japanese and very angry Federalists). Like practically all nations I write outside of Rohendia, this is a theocracy - and an esoteric one at that, as evidenced by the flag.

Balugatan Union of Nations

Yet another flag made for an entity in Balugata. This was supposed to be a small pacific-based supranational government, like the United Nations or the European Union, but because I lack leadership skills and was inconsistent with its rules it fell into obscurity. I still want to use this flag for whatever regional government new Rohendia will be a member of. I created two versions: one that uses a more standard Prussian Blue, and a second one that uses Tyrian Purple to have it stand out from literally every other supernational organisation in the world.

Brotherhood of Man(kind)

The Brotherhood of Man, or Brotherhood of Mankind as it would probably be renamed to come the 2010s, was the Balugatan universe's replacement for the United Nations that I created out of fear of getting a cease-and-desist. That and because permanent member states are a stupid concept and I wanted the UN BoM to have more power than a volunteer fire department.

Protestant Alliance


Flag I coughed up over winter break for a hypothetical Protestant Christian space-faring empire with a largely decentralised government. Heavily based off of the ecumenical Christian flag, which has this overtly Protestant impression in my head. I have my own take on a Christian flag below.

Dominion of the Diamond Isles

Flag of a Yugoslav occupied southern Pacific archipelago filled with pseudo-Japanese people.

Yeah, it's a long story... that isn't written down anywhere. Best we move on to the next flag I guess.


Also a nation from the Balugatan timeline, authored by my friend Hussar. This kingdom formed when the Überpoles decided to start New Courland in the south pacific, but ran out of money and granted the colonists independence. The resulting colony of Kromerow became a maritime empire as its monarchy spread over the underdeveloped islands of Balugata like the Phœnicians over the Mediterranean, then collapsed in 1969 and splintered into a bunch of anarchist communes. The black represents determination, the purple piety and royalty, and the white (also) represents the shitloads of snow they get every day of the year. The flag was first used as the royal standard of the Duke of Kromerow, but they ran out of money to make the other one and switched to this.

The Corporate Sector

Greetings, foreign traveler! Welcome to the glorious Corporate Sector, a safe haven for all businesses in Balugata. Here, you're free from the evil clutches of those filthy syndicalists in the south, or those weird weebs in the east, or the ridiculous government restrictions of that sham of a nation in the north. You get to run your business free of all bureacracy! Highest salaries in the pacific! Live a life of luxury without all the tax paperwork!

Now please pay 50 kobans for your time in the Thurman Airport parking lot - this is Slagger's property, and you can't stand here without doing business. What's that? You don't have 50 kobans on you? Well, off to the Pickling Plant with you.

Industrial Anarchist Flags

What started as me trying to make an alternate flag for my friend's anarchosyndicalist nation turned into a

series of similarly designed anarchist flags. They go as follows: Industiral Ancom/Ansyn, Industiral Antrans/Egoism, Industrial Green Anarchism/Anvegan/Anprim (what), Industrial Anarchofeminism, Industrial Queer Anarchism, and Industiral Anarchocapitalism.

Greater Ayodhya

Starting with an ambitious Hindu family taking the reigns of the kingdom of Ayutthaya, using Ramayanic narratives to justify their claims, the empire of Greater Ayodhya expanded into India, Indochina, and Macronesia, forming a horrifyingly large syncretic multi-national organisation that makes the Holy Roman Empire look like child's play.

Rational Council

This is the last flag I made for the Balugatan NationStates region, and it never saw the light of day. This flag was supposed to go for a supranational organisation consisting soley of technocracies - be they oligarchic, despotic, or parlimentary. The Rational Council was never created, but it still looks like a nice flag to me ngl 👌 💯 🔥 😂 🔫 🅱

Religious and Philosophical Flags


On March 15th, 12020, I decided to create this flag for a hypothetical Buddhist southern Chinese nation. Realizing it looked like a pretty good flag for Buddhism in general, I decided to try it out with other religions and create a series of religious flags with the same basic design. This one has a Dharmachakra in the center, symbolising the dharma (teachings and precepts) of the Buddha and the eightfold path (with a spoke for each tenent).


The red Aum in the center is a sacred sound and symbol heavily rooted in Hinduism. The white background symbolises peace, purity, and the virtue of non-violence, Ahimsa. The blue borders at the edges represent the Ganges and Yamuna rivers, both of which have great religious significance.


This is my take on a more ecumenial, and less Protestant, affiliated Christian flag (in contrast to the Christian flag that is heavily used by Protestants in the US and not so much by other groups). The red symbolises the blood of Christ, the purple symbolises the divinity of Christ, and the white represents purity and peace.


In the center of the flag is a green caligraphic representation of the word "Allah", the Arabic word for God. The green in the borders and the usage of green in the caligraphy represents Jannah, the Islamic concept of paradise, and the white represents purity and peace.


A red Faravahar is in the center. The red on the flag represents fire, which is very significant in Zoroastrianism. I do not have sufficient knowledge of this religion to apply meaning to the other colors sadly. Any Zoroastrians in the audience, feel free to hit me up and give me suggestions on meanings for this flag.


Blue and white are colors very commonly associated with Judaism, with blue being used by rabbis and as a representation of the heavens, and white symbolising purity. To differentiate this from the flag of Isræl, the color placement is swapped. A menorah is in the center, representing YHWH's creation of the world in seven days and the pursuit of knowledge. While I didn't know it at the time, the flag looks a lot like the proposed Yiddish flag.


The black and white represent the duality of Yin and Yang respectively, the two complementary forces constantly ebbing and flowing to constitute the universe. In the center is a trigram chart, a device detailing the components of the world that is used for many purposes, including seeing into the future. My memory on Taoism is a bit fuzzy, so if there are any Taoists in the audience that find this summary innacurate please let me know.


I'm not entirely sure what this flag stand for. I created it with the intent of fashioning a secular flag, one to be used by agnostics, atheists and apatheists, with the lemmiscate symbolising the material realm and the search for knowledge and the grey representing the lack of concrete borders in the real world. But then I realized it could also represent gnosticism, esotericism, or mysticism, with the lemmiscate representing the metaphysical realm and the inward search for knowledge/liberation.


In the center of the flag is a green pentacle, a characteristic symbol of the religion. The green represents nature and life. As for the black, I'm not sure what to have it represent. I do not know much about Wicca to be quite honest; any Wiccans in the audience, feel free to give me suggestions for symbolism.


This flag was created specifically with LaVey Satanism in mind, which is very atheistic and materialistic, but can be used for other related groups. I didn't assign any meaning to the red and black, but they are commonly associated with Satan and Satanism. Any Satanists in the audience are free to shoot me some suggestions for meanings for the colors.


This next series of flags I created for a yet-to-be-made series of custom civs for a Freeciv game I schemed up. I thought it would be interesting to see the rise and fall of nations not by their culture, color, creed, but by something more abstract: their core beliefs, unattached from religious or political affiliaiton. I created this flag specifically for Agnosticism, the position of neither denying nor accepting the existence of god(s) or similarly supreme beings.


This second flag is for Atheism, the position of complete denial towards god(s) or similarly supreme beings. The crimson "A" written in the Zapfino font has become a sort of symbol for atheists online. Atheism as the complete denial of the supernatural has been rather sporadic in its apperances through human history, with Samkhya philosophy Epicurian philosophy being notable exceptions. With the rise of Naturalism, Plutonism, and Darwinian evolution, Atheist (and coïncidngly Agnostics) began to increase in numbers.


Monotheism is the belief that only one god exists, and usually that they are omnipotent and omniscient over the domain of the universe. Monotheism is the predominant belief over the world's largest religious family by numbers: the Abrahamic religions, consisting of Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and many smaller groups. Monotheism exists in other religious traditions across the world, such as Bondyé in Haitian Voudou or Acintya in Balinese Hinduism.


Polytheism is the belief that multiple gods exist and preside over the universe, possibly taking domain over different facets of existence. Polytheism has emerged countless times across the world, fashioning worship in figures such as the Egyptian Pantheon, the theoi, the Æsir, and the Devas. Polytheistic cultures often have a rich and fascinating mythological tradition accompanying these gods, which often acted as explanations for how the world works.


Dualism is the belief in two distinct driving forces in the universe, most often at odds with one another or with competing interactions. Zoroastrianism, Gnosticism, and Taoism are examples of religious traditions with widly varying takes on the concept of Dualism, personifying these forces as Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu, the Demiurge and the Monad, and Yin and Yang respectively.


Monism is the belief that all that exists is part of the divine: that the supreme is in all of us, and that all of us make the supreme. (I realize Pantheism may be a better way to describe said flavor of Monism). Upaniśadic Hinduism, Sihkism, and various modern Neo-pagan movements like Wicca espouse Pantheist or Monist views.


Nihilism, to put it simply, is the belief that nothing matters. Nihilism is a broad term that has many applications: existencial nihilism, the belief that life has no meaning, is perhaps the most well known example to most. I really don't know much else about nihilism, so let's move on to the next flag for this section.


Solipsism is the belief that nothing exists except for the viewer. Perhaps this is all some big authoritarian government conspiracy you're being subjected to, and what you are actually "living" is in fact a computer simulation. Perhaps this is a very long game of Roy. Perhaps this is all a dream. Perhaps I've run out of stuff to say about this philosophy and am just stalling you from reading the really bad flags at the bottom of this page.

Joke Flags

Mormon Uganda

I decided to create this flag 15 seconds after coming home from watching The Book of Mormon musical. The musical focuses on two Mormon missionaries sent to work in a mission a Ugandan village. Blasphemy and hilarity ensues in typical Matt Stone and Trey Parker fashion. This flag is for a Ugandan nation that, as you might guess from the name, has the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (i.e. the mormons). I assume they are at odds with the presiding Echidna warlords and gorey film studioes.

Zoroastrian Communist Confederate States of America

My first official "shitpost" flag. Way way back in the 11860s, Jefferson Davis discovers his falsifiedpure blood Persian/Aryan heritage and converts to Zoroastrianism, then uses Marxist ideals to fashion a decentralized Communist ethnostate. I haven't a fucking clue how a state like this could last for more than 15 minutes, but any althist writers in the audience are free to take this idea and make it work somehow.

Lovecraftian Japan

In the futuristic year of 11999, Japan's love for tentacles and world destroying monsters spirals out of control. Finding increasingly graphic and quixotic manga unsatisfying, the populus looks to a more esoteric source for satiation: the Necronomicon. Hoping to summon the Eldritch Gods and host the wildest party on the face of the Earth, the ritual fails and Tokyo is reduced to rubble under a flood of flesh, organs, and various fluids. The entire island of Honshu is overrun with shoggoths and chntonic affronts to god. Cthulhu's Fucking Pissed, and his new imperial administration from ルルイエ will show no mercy to the rest of mankind.

Aſſ Gadsden

This is my attempt at recreating a joke from an epiſode of Futurama, where ſome time traveling tomfuckery reſults in Bender replacing the infamous ſnake libertarians know and love. I uſed a letter "f" in the flag inſead of a ſhort ſ like I'm viſually aſsaulting your eyes with right now, ſo apologies to any 18th-century time travelers seeing this page. I really want to write more juſt as an excuſe to uſe this extremely archaic letter, but the audience has ſince stopped laughing.

Rohendia Biohazard Flag

I created this flag on August 25th, 12019, back when Rohendia was preparring for an incoming vampire/zombie pathogen pandemic. This flag has since aged horribly due to the [ᴘʀᴇᴠɪᴀʟɪɴɢ ᴄɪʀᴄᴜᴍsᴛᴀɴᴄᴇs], but that's not stopping me from using its spiritual successor on NS. I don't even use NS anymore. I should really move Rohendia's shit to this website. Hm... maybe a to-do list would be nice... hm... ʷʰᵉʳᵉ ⁱˢ ᵐʸ ᵐⁱⁿᵈ

Transhumanist Rohendia

Around July of 2019 I threw my hands in the air and said "FUCK IT, SINGULARITY".




The First Flags :(

Jewish State of the Azores

This is the first flag I ever created using a computer, during . If you can't tell, this was made in MS paint during lunch. During my free time in Unnamed Fundamentalist Protestant School™, I would make shitposts and maps and flags and all sorts of affronts to god on my computer of choice. This was actually a serious attempt at creating a ficticious Jewish refugee state forming in the Azores, from Jews fleeing the Spanish Inquisition. I created this with EU4 in mind and attempted to have the Jewish State of the Azores get somewhere in the world, but failed because I don't know how to play properly.

Jewish Scandinavia

Another Jewish state, this time it replaces the Kalmar Union. I have no clue what the history was for this state, if there was any. It looks god awful in my opinion, and the fact there's a nordic cross on it sort of kills the "Jewish" part of the state. I really liked Jews during this time, what can I say?

Commonwealth of Kievan Rus

I remember making this flag because I had learned about the Kievan Rus 15 minutes prior in Fundamentalist History Class™ and was unsatisfied with the results I saw on DuckDuckGo. It's incredibly heavily Byzantine in its design, which is probably what I was going for (a Byzantine Russian nation). I also believe the "Greek" in the center is created using MS paint's brush or pencil tools, which looks awufl.

Infinity Loop

This was legit me going on the computer at Unnamed Fundamentalist Protestant School™ and thinking "There's a lot of flags with a box in the left hand corner. Hehehehe, wouldn't it be funny if I pasted this flag inside the box? And then paste this flag inside that box? And then paste this flag inside that box? And then paste this flag inside that box? And then paste this flag inside that box? And then paste this flag inside that box? And then paste this flag inside that box? And then paste this flag inside that box? And then paste this flag inside that box? And then paste this flag inside that box?"

The Flag of the People's Democratic Free Open Minded Free Spirited Hippy Neutral Confederate City State Union Republic of Oranges

I created this flag to accompany the eponymous state, with the itent of mocking similarly silly micronations. This flag also had a PowerPoint presentation accompanying it, explaining all the reasons why someone should join the state. Now offering free credit checks!

"Pleg" - New Zealand/Australian/Pacific/Antarctic Fascist Union

I created this flag for a now defunct nation roleplay on a now defunct Unnamed Social Media Platform. Essentially, a social media phenomenon occurs in New Zealand that causes a fascist revolt to occur. With the funding and help of another Unnamed Definetly Not Nazi Fascist State, they took over Australia and began expanding into the Pacific. They were fought with by some states who I have since forgotten about entirely until they were reduced to an Antarctic state. Listen, the story is ridiculous. If I saw a state like this forming in one of my timelines, I would kick it in the balls until it bleeds out and dies. But when I made this flag, I felt so proud of myself. For a while I thought this was the first flag I had ever created. In a way, it sorta is. It's the first flag I created with a life behind it. It marked the beginning of a new portion of my life - an active interest in political science, world history, and alternate history. My feelings on those three have since wained and waxed, but the flag still has significance to my past - even if I only created it to play as some nation with goals of world domination and if fascism doesn't appeal to me nowadays.

ʟᴀsᴛ ᴜᴘᴅᴀᴛᴇᴅ ᴏɴ 12020/10/03