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The purpose of this blog, however, is to catalog the personal and spiritual encounters of one person: me. The bulk of its postings are meditation logs, but there may also be ruminations and bits of info I encounter. For a more academic or secular approach to religious information, check out my other blog, Wissenschaft (currently WIP).

In the past I've been an 'irregular meditator'. I would enter the lotus position and do breathing meditation, taking deep breaths and focusing on each inhale and exhale until I entered a calmer state, and then use this new calmness to look more clearly on pressing issues. I would use it to help if I was in a high-stress or high-anxiety environment, or if I had trouble thinking clearly on an issue.

I've recently decided to do this process regularly, and under the guidance of a kriya yoga doctrine. Kriya is a yogic doctrine that emerged a few centuries ago but claims to be rooted in antiquity and offer spiritual progression. I don't intend to join an ashram or fully pursue spiritual liberation yet, but I do practice it for a number of reasons.

One reason is because I keep getting overwhelmed and underwhelmed and think kriya will be a nice way to center myself.

Another reason is that I feel I’m not being spiritual enough. About a year ago I decided to try out the Śaiva path in life and now I feel more willing to follow it more actively.

And a more ‘pressing’ reason being that I presently have an injury that requires me to sit in a warm water bath, 20 minutes at a time, twice or thrice daily. I feel these sessions could be used for yoga or meditation, instead of just sitting idly.

I hope these next six weeks will prove beneficial, and if they do I can continue the practice for longer.

I’ve begun practicing kria yoga as described in Keith J. Lowenstein’s “Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery”. I purchased it on a whim at Barnes & Noble (I was entranced by the cover art :3). I read the introduction and liked its non-dual ideology and emphasis on progress for those in pre-Vanaprastha life. I hear it's not a complete guide, though, but I hope it can guide me. With time, I may enter more advanced kriya practices and find a guru to help me. It is important to note that I am not initiated in this practice, nor am I an expert. I'm just a student trying to make sense of the world.

ॐ Aum Namah Shivayah